Ready 4 School Weekly Subscription

NEW Ready 4 School Pack

Confidently give your child the skills to succeed at school!

+ feel confident teaching educational activities

+ rest assured it's all done through play!

Your Subscription includes 10 play based activities sent weekly


▪ pre-reading & pre-writing ▪ recognising numbers & letters, ▪ fine motor skills ▪ problem solving ▪ hand-eye co-ordination ▪ social skills

Comes with instructions and information on:

▪ Play ideas

▪ Understanding the skills your child is learning during each activity

▪ How to best facilitate learning without handing your child a pen and sheet of paper!

Download. Print. Place in a Display Folder & Re-Use!

10 pages of Activities including: 

▪ number of the week ▪ letter of the week ▪ emotion of the week ▪ shape of the week ▪ colour of the week ▪ pre writing patterns ▪ cutting patterns ▪ sequencing


$6.99 p/w for everything you need get ready for school + support them during the fundamental years of schooling.


Please note: The course will continue for 26 weeks (one letter per week). You can unsubscribe at any time but will not be able to start again without starting from the beginning

Suitable for ages 3-6

As well as children with additional needs or struggling with fine motor skills and/or bilateral coordination

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